Authorised Training Centres

Questions & Answers

1. How can I apply to become an ATC?

To apply to become an ATC, review the information regarding Establishing an ATC for your geo. Download the ATC Application and send it to the ATC Program Team, including all supporting documentation.

2. Do you have territories for the ATCs?

Autodesk does not assign specific territories to ATCs. If we receive an application from a site that is within 60 miles of an established ATC, we will ask the prospective ATC for more detailed marketing and business plans, as well as a more detailed competitive analysis.

3. Are you looking for more ATCs?

Autodesk is usually open to receiving applications for additional ATC sites. We do so to continue to provide design professionals in the industry with the highest-quality training in the field. In order to reach all of our customers, we partner with training organisations that can provide our end users with this caliber of training.

4. Do I have to own a current release of AutoCAD® software when entering the program?

Yes, you must have six licences of current release AutoCAD to become an ATC.

5. Do I have to be trained on AutoCAD software to apply for ATC status?

Yes, your organisation must have been training on AutoCAD for at least six months before applying for ATC status.

6. Do you accept applications for training centres that do not train in AutoCAD?

Autodesk does not currently accept applications for training centres that do not train in AutoCAD.

7. Do you accept applications from individual trainers?

Autodesk does not currently have a program designed for trainers only. Instructors wishing to receive the status of approved ATC instructors must work for an existing ATC and are allowed to use this designation only in conjunction with their work at the ATC.

8. What happens during the application process?

When Autodesk receives an ATC application, we review it to make sure all of the components are included. If the application is missing anything, we contact the listed ATC Manager. As soon as the application is complete, we review it in detail. This means checking to ensure that all of the requirements have been met. If the application is approved, we send the ATC Manager a Welcome Packet including a welcome letter, passwords to the partner extranet, and other ATC- related information. Autodesk asks for a minimum of six to eight weeks to review an application.

9. Will Autodesk start ATCs throughout the year?

Yes, we start new ATCs throughout the year. All agreements will have an end date of December 31 with the first year fee pro-rated for rest of year. At the start of the next calendar year, your ATC would convert to a yearly contract and the full year’s fee will be due. Please note, new ATC's are activated on a per quarter basis.

10. If I am an independent instructor, is there Autodesk certification available to me?

Yes, the Autodesk® Certified Instructor (ACI) designation is designed for professional educators that instruct with Autodesk software products. For further information, please visit the Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) pages.