Exam Testing

Autodesk Certification offers a variety of exam types including simple item type exams and performance-based exams. Performance-based testing is defined as testing by doing. Rather than answer questions about how you might accomplish a task, you actually perform the task. Performance-based testing is widely accepted as a better way of ensuring you have the skills needed for the application, rather than just recalling information. You can find specific format information for each test in the Exam Overview document or Exam Guide for each certification exam.

Exam Registration, Purchase, and Scheduling

In order to take an Autodesk Certification exam you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Purchase & Schedule Your Exam

You can purchase your exam directly from an Autodesk Authorised Certification Centre depending on the country in which you will test. You may contact an Authorised Certification Centre directly by logging into the Autodesk Online Testing Service using the centre search feature

Step 2: Go to the Testing Centre

On the day you have scheduled your exam you will need to arrive at the testing centre to have your test administered. Each Certification Centre is staffed with an exam proctor who will get you seated for your exam and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Create a Profile

Before starting their exam, all candidates will need to create a profile in the Autodesk Online Testing Service. Before you start your test you will need to enter your name and contact information and create a user name and password.  This information is kept strictly confidential. You can read more about our privacy policy.

Terms & Conditions

For more detailed information, read the Autodesk Terms and Conditions for Certification.

Autodesk Certification Program Agreement (pdf - 28Kb)