Licence Compliance

Autodesk End-User Licence Agreement (EULA)

Legal Notice:
Autodesk products are not sold; rather, copies of Autodesk products are licensed to the end user. UNLESS YOU HAVE ANOTHER AGREEMENT DIRECTLY WITH AUTODESK THAT CONTROLS AND ALTERS YOUR USE OF AUTODESK PRODUCTS, THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE APPLICABLE EULAs FOR THE RESPECTIVE PRODUCTS BELOW APPLY TO YOU. Do also note that the EULA differs in various Autodesk products and may differ by geography.

These EULAs may change without notice and is for referral purposes only. You are bound by the specific EULA applicable to the products you have purchased and installed. Please consult your product to see the applicable EULA. Please refer to the Step Guide for instructions to search for the EULA in your Autodesk product.

Autodesk EULA Step Guide (pdf - 485Kb)

In the event you have purchased Autodesk Subscriptions, you should also refer to the Subscription Terms and Conditions