Autodesk Virtual Event - AutoCAD and General Design

AutoCAD and General Design Sessions

Autodesk Suites Strategy and Autodesk Product Portfolio

presented by Amar Hanspal and Lynn Allen

Come hear from Amar and Lynn on how:
- Autodesk Design and Creation Suites are changing the way companies are using their software and how the interoperabilty of the individual products are making customers that much more productive.
- The Autodesk Product Portfolio is helping customers Lead the Way and you will hear more from Amar and Lynn on their perspective of Autodesk solutions.

Design & Manufacturing Solutions Sessions

Extending the Value of Product and Mfg Information Beyond Design and Engineering

presented by Brian Frank

Today's manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to squeeze every bit of value out of the assets and resources they possess. In this session, we will explore how today’s leading manufacturing are leveraging the investments made in model-based data, extending that value across supply chains, and using emerging technologies to rethink the ways in which they deploy, access, and leverage design and engineering tools across their workforce. We will review how new cloud-based models of collaboration and lifecycle management to deliver returns in fractions of the time required by more traditional solutions.

Driving Growth and Increasing Prod Efficiency While Keeping Up with New Trends

presented by Detlev Reichender

The frequency of introduction of new technologies, materials, and products is ever-increasing. Maintaining healthy growth is essential, while selling highly configurable and increasingly complex products under the constraint of increasing requirements on sustainability, lightweight and energy consumption. There are untapped opportunities to improve the efficiency of production planning as well as installation and operation of a factory. In this session we will discuss how manufacturers can win more business, reduce risk in the bidding process of configurable products, and conform to regulations and new trends. We will also discuss how growth can be more efficiently managed in production planning and operation.

Winning More Business and Developing Exceptional Products

presented by Seth Hindman

The globalization of markets means new opportunity for companies, it also introduces new competition from emerging or non-traditional providers. In this session, we’ll discuss how manufacturers are tackling the design challenges of higher and more fragmented customer expectations without sacrificing margins. Learn how they are improving performance, quality and reliability all within a tightening budget and ahead of schedule. We’ll also look at how PLM technologies are evolving to change the game so that manufacturers of all sizes can more efficiently work with global supply chains and workforces to meet customer needs anywhere in the world.

Building & Construction Solutions Sessions

Building a Better Architecture Business with BIM

presented by Joy Stark

Global economic challenges continue to drive rapid change in the architecture industry. Clients are demanding better building performance, innovative designs, and a return on investment (ROI) that they can measure in real-world cost and time savings, placing pressure on architecture firms to deliver more for less. Join this presentation to learn about how Autodesk BIM solutions can help architects meet these challenges to win more business, increase client satisfaction, and increase profitability. You’ll get a preview of the latest offerings from Autodesk’s integrated suite of solutions for design, visualization, simulation and documentation, helping you deliver higher quality, more accurate designs.

BIM for Building Engineering

presented by Sarah Hodges

As BIM gains momentum and architects as well as owners increasingly mandate its use for projects, it appears there has never been a more appropriate time for MEP and structural engineers to move to BIM. Hear how the Autodesk Building Design Suite can support your firm's project needs for both today and tomorrow with tools that support BIM and CAD based workflows. With Autodesk Revit at the core, which combines tools for architectural design, MEP engineering, and structural engineering in a simple, complete application you can streamline your workflows and collaborate more effectively with other building design disciplines.

Implementing BIM in Construction

presented by Anthony Governanti

The AEC industry is undergoing a major transition from paper-based linear processes to a collaborative digital approach with Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is not just a tool but a process that supports Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) methodologies, pulling all stakeholders together throughout the entire design and construction process and beyond to the operations and maintenance of the building. This session will explore how you get to BIM and the methodologies for planning, executing and adjusting your implementation. Attendees will get a clear understanding of the steps and techniques for implementing BIM in their firm.

Plant Solutions Sessions

Easier Plant Design with Autodesk Plant Design Suite

presented by Ian Matthew

Are you looking for an easier way to do Plant Design for engineering services supporting Oil & Gas and associated industries? Watch this session for a short review of the integrated design process from P&ID’s to 3D Plant Layout using Autodesk Plant Design Suite. We will review some of the new productivity features in the 2013 release, including integrating the Structural Workflow, as well as using Autodesk Inventor in the Plant Design workflow.

Infrastructure Solutions Sessions

Model Based Utility Solutions for Smart Grids

presented by Teresa Elliott

The utility industry is facing unparalleled challenges:

• Increased demand on older distribution networks results in more frequent and costly repairs and retrofits.
• Smart grids must now accommodate distributed renewable generation, smart buildings, smart appliances, plug-in electric vehicles, and more.
• An aging workforce is increasing the urgency of capturing existing knowledge.

The latest solutions from Autodesk are changing what’s possible. Featuring the power of intelligent 3D model-based technology combined with GIS data management, they help improve the way electric utilities plan, design, and manage distribution networks. Join us to discover how Autodesk solutions for utilities can transform the design and management processes, and help you meet your toughest challenges.

Visualize Your Success with Autodesk BIM for Infrastructure Solutions

presented by James Wedding

The infrastructure industry is changing dramatically - more complexities, tighter schedules and funding. Autodesk BIM solutions enable you to transform the way roadway projects are completed by maximizing the use of your project information. With Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite and Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler you can work in 3D from the beginning of a project to visualize and conceptualize your ideas, extend project information to evaluate design alternatives, and create near photorealistic renderings to communicate with your stakeholders. Join this presentation and discover how you can visualize your success with BIM.

Media & Entertainment Solutions Sessions

Entertainment Industry Overview

presented by Marc Petit

Lack of industry standardization, pipeline complexity, and increased client expectations for quality with reduced budgets and tight deadlines are challenges entertainment industry is facing today. Join this session to hear an overview of how Autodesk® Digital Entertainment Creation (DEC) solutions help filmmakers, game developers, television content creators, and advertising agencies create innovative, distinctive entertainment and solve complex challenges.

Digital Entertainment Creation for Games

presented by Marc Stevens

Is your productivity impacted by lack of industry standardization? Are you experiencing increasing demands from publishers for higher quality work with short turnaround times and no additional budget? Whether you are a core game or casual game developer, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear how Autodesk is driving standardization in the industry by providing open data workflows and supporting industry standard data interchange formats. In addition you’ll hear how Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites provide a broad palette of tools to meet demanding clients’ creative expectations.

Digital Entertainment Creation for Film & TV

presented by Ken Pimentel and Chris Vienneau

Is your creative capacity limited by the lack of flexible tools? Are your clients demanding increasingly sophisticated results? Are you experiencing challenges with virtual production and previsualization? Whether you are a VFX artist, animator, director or cinematographer, you need workflows and proven creative tools that let you realize your vision quickly without compromising quality. In this session, hear how Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation solutions can change the way you create with ultra efficient single-step interoperability and end-to-end creative tools that the pros can rely on to deliver the most compelling film and television content on time and on budget.