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What is 3D mechanical engineering and design software?

Engineers and designers use mechanical engineering and design software to model, validate, and communicate ideas before production. Additional tools are available and sometimes integrated in the CAD software for manufacturing products on a CNC machine or 3D printer. Mechanical engineering software is employed across several industries, including industrial machine design, automotive, and consumer products.

Types of mechanical engineering and design

Mastenbroek utility trench digger


CAD is one of the most commonly used software design tools. The models created by CAD software are often used as inputs to other mechanical engineering and design tools.

Ember printer fluid flow traces


CAE covers a broad range of analyses. It performs complex tasks such as finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) virtually before creating physical prototypes.

CNC laser cutting machine cutting ductwork


CAM refers to the use of software to help automate the manufacturing process. CAM is typically used to create toolpaths for 2.5-axis to 5-axis CNC milling, turning, and mill-turn.

How is 3D mechanical engineering software used?

DIS-TRAN customer video


DIS-TRAN has reduced errors and eliminated a substantial amount of rework through the use of Inventor and Vault.

Example of Swissomation production parts


Swissomation uses Fusion 360 for 3D modeling, CAM, and live review capabilities for collaboration with customers from any location on any device.

KMP engineering team


KMP is a fast-paced team of engineers using Fusion 360 to design and make specialized components for their high-performance race cars.

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Design and make anything with our best Inventor, with integrated tools for advanced simulation and 5-axis CAM. Collection also includes access to Fusion 360, helping you get on the path to the future of making things with our cloud-based product innovation platform.

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