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What is civil engineering software?

Civil engineering software encompasses a range of tools to help civil engineers during both the design and construction process.

These programs can help in every stage of your project including drafting & documenting, designing, visualizing & analyzing.

civil engineering

Types of civil engineering and infrastructure design

Autodesk software helps multidisciplinary teams better integrate the plan, design, build, and operations phases of a project.

  • civil engineering

    Civil engineering

    Save time and resources by capturing survey data in hours versus days, and improve insights at each stage of your surveying and site development work.

  • structural engineering

    Structural engineering

    Better anticipate issues and assess information throughout your project with BIM (Building Information Modeling). Design and build bridges and tunnels with better predictability.

  • Transportation engineering

    Transportation engineering

    Promote greater project efficiency and delivery with infrastructure software that provides BIM tools for transportation such as roads, rail, airports, and ports.

  • civil construction

    Civil construction

    Improve coordination and delivery with BIM for virtual design and construction. Give all stakeholders access to project information almost anytime and anywhere.

How is civil engineering used?

Aalborg Energie Technik

AET uses BIM to develop biomass plants that generate environmentally-friendly energy using wood chips, corn stalks, and even chicken droppings.

Learn more (US site)

Bureau of Reclamation

Hi-tech tools such as reality capture and 3D modeling are helping this US government agency manage and protect the Glen Canyon Dam for generations to come.

Learn more (US site)

Galliford Try Costain and Atkins

This partnership used AutoCAD Plant 3D to expand the Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Works, gaining more efficient operations.

Learn more (US site)

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection

Get Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D and more. One essential set of BIM tools for civil engineering, infrastructure, and construction.

Engineering software resources

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