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Types of floor plans

There are various types of floor plans to be used for different purposes.

Rendering of a virtual interior


A 3D floor plan is a view of an architectural space in three dimensions. By viewing a 3D floor plan one can get a better understanding of the size, layout, and proportions of a space.

Close-up view of an architect working on blueprints.


Technical floor plans offer specific details and measurements showing the relationships between rooms and other spaces in an architectural or building engineering project. They’re drawn to scale and typically show only one level of a structure per drawing.

Kitchen interior designed, modeled, and rendered using AutoCAD


More realistic than other types of plans, humanized floor plans are best suited for presentation settings. In architecture and building engineering use cases, they show how an environment will look once the space is complete, including furniture, sinks, and other objects.

Floor plan software

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Free floor plan software

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Free software for students and educators

We offer free Autodesk software for students and educators. Create a floor plan with the same floor plan software used by top professionals worldwide.


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How to create a floor plan

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Man and woman viewing floor plan on computer using AutoCAD

Create a floor plan using AutoCAD LT

Learn how to use AutoCAD software and tools to create a floor plan drawing of a classroom.Learn how to create simple floor plan including the external walls, internal walls, and windows.

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Design poched floor plans in Revit

Learn how to create realistic floor plans with layering techniques in Revit.

See how AutoCAD is used to create floor plans

Charley St barista bar and register designed by Liza Kuhn Interiors


AutoCAD lays the foundation of a dual design career

With AutoCAD, Liza Kuhn expands her business from high-end residential spaces to commercial properties, including Charly St café.

redesign of the Morehead Inn’s great room


Interior architect makes AutoCAD central to creative flow

Interior architect and designer Zachary Wheeler uses AutoCAD to gain a competitive edge over other designers.

Burnside Cottage kitchen renovation


AutoCAD LT opens doors for interior designer

Interior designer highlights her skills with AutoCAD LT to land a new job and creates a competitive advantage for her current firm.

Floor plan resources

Learn how to use AutoCAD to develop floor plans.