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Landscape Design Software

Discover how professionals are using Autodesk’s landscape design software.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

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Landscape design in AutoCAD for Pinterest

What is landscape design software?

Professional landscape design provide the tools and automation to create accurate layouts and models of landscapes. Professional landscape designers and landscape architects can use Autodesk software to create 2D drawings or 3D models that save time, cost, and materials.

Image courtesy of Munden Fry Associates

Landscape design software for professionals

Landscape design tools

Expediate landscape design and drafting with industry-specific toolsets included with AutoCAD. Learn about the various ways in which the toolsets can help optimize your design workflow.

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AutoCAD truth about toolsets ebook

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How to design a landscape with Autodesk software

See how users are pairing Autodesk software together to create landscape designs.

Civil 3D model of Dubai expo

Image courtesy of [credit]

Build a BIM landscape model with Civil 3D

Learn how to create a landscape architecture BIM model in Civil 3D. Uncover the challenges facing landscape architects and urban designers and learn how to create a workflow used to deliver a large-scale landscape project in a BIM environment.

3d modeling of trees in a city

Landscape modeling with Infraworks

Discover how to model landscape elements in InfraWorks and how to import information from different data sources, including Revit and Civil 3D.

Landscape design tutorials

  • Landscape architecture

  • Landscape architecture rendering

See how Autodesk software is used in landscape design

floral garden by Nature’s design

Nature's Designs

Helping a landscape-design business blossom

A landscape designer shares the inspiration to start her own business and how AutoCAD LT helps her succeed with the design process.

Image courtesy of Rose Remillard

planters and benches at Pinterest HQ

Munden Fry Landscape Associates

Creating a sustainable garden setting with AutoCAD

Landscape-design firm uses AutoCAD to help with sustainable landscape design of a unique space at Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Montrose civic center landscape design site plan

Julee Wolverton

Ensuring accessibility to comprehensive landscape services

Colorado landscape architect uses AutoCAD LT to ensure accuracy when working with other professionals and A360 to access files from anywhere.

FAQs on landscape design

Find answers to frequently asked questions about landscape design.

What are the elements of landscape design and landscape architecture?

Landscape design and landscape architecture combine functionality with artistry. The following are a few of the key elements:

Form – The shape of a plant or branch structure.

Line – The connection, focus, and movement of the design.

Texture – Surface elements of the site, including plants, water, and pavement materials.

Color – Combination and balance of color for visual interest with plants and hardscapes.

What are the principles of landscape design?

Unity – An entire garden is cohesive or in-line with a specific theme. It may also include repetition of common elements.

Balance – Symmetrical balance is often used in formal landscapes where each side of the garden is the same and mirrors the other. Asymmetrical balance is known as “informal balance” and more unconstrained.

Proportion – The scale and balance of sizing for the overall design.

Focalization – A focal point where the viewer’s attention will be drawn.

Sequence – Transition of elements that creates a gradual and appealing change.

Emphasis – Highlighting of elements to provide visual interest.

What is the difference between landscape designers and landscape architects?

Landscape designers typically work on smaller projects and specialize in the overall design, horticulture, and plant placement. Landscape architects must have a bachelor’s degree in the field as well as a state license. The scope of work ranges from residential to commercial and often includes much larger public outdoor spaces for parks, offices, resorts, and more.

Landscape design resources

Get started in landscape design with these tutorials, guides, and tips.