Account management basics

Product support lifecycle

Autodesk no longer supports offline activation for 2021 products and earlier. If you have a perpetual license, activate your software by going online only once. After you activate online, you can continue to use 2021 software and earlier offline. This change doesn't apply to previous versions that you already activated offline; you can continue to use them as before.

One of the benefits of subscription plans is access to previous versions of your software. Support* is available for all current versions of Autodesk software plus some previous versions. To be eligible for support, the Autodesk software must run on vendor-supported operating systems. If a vendor discontinues support for an operating system, we also discontinue support for Autodesk products running on that operating system, even if they are among the eligible previous versions.


If a previous version isn't listed, support isn't available. To avoid downtime, upgrade to a supported version before a previous version reaches the end of support. An active subscription plan without lapse indicates that you can continue to use a previously installed and activated version, even if it has reached end of support. If you have a perpetual license for a version that has reached end of support, you still have rights to use the license for as long as you want.


However, for unsupported versions, you can't get a new activation code to reactivate that version for any device. We also do not release software updates or hotfixes for versions that have reached the end of support*.


*Support includes technical support, software updates, and hotfixes.

We’re here to help

Use our resources to find the product documentation or troubleshooting articles you need to resolve an issue. If you’re stuck, your subscription entitles you to contact an agent.