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Installing deployments with Microsoft Configuration Manager

To install your deployment, you can use third-party tools like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly known as System Center Configuration Manager, or SCCM) and PDQ Deploy. Autodesk provides technical support for your Autodesk software, but not for the third party tools. However, Autodesk does provide limited support for deployments you install using Microsoft Configuration Manager.

The topics in this section are provided to give you basic information for using Microsoft Configuration Manager to install your deployment. But for complete and up-to-date information, go directly to Microsoft. See Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager documentation

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Technical support note:

If your deployment installed with a third-party tool requires technical support, our experts will verify that issues are related to your Autodesk software and not to the tool. Autodesk Support may ask you to do the following:

  • Replicate the problematic behavior in a standalone installation of the deployment package in a physical environment.
  • Run the Autodesk deployment image locally without a third party tool to package the software. This will ensure that the installation works as intended.
  • If you still encounter issues with the deployment image or the standalone installation, contact Autodesk Support for troubleshooting.
If your Autodesk software installation works on its own but doesn’t work once packaged with a third-party deployment tool, contact the deployment tool provider to troubleshoot your environment. The Autodesk Forums are another reliable source of information from other customers using similar deployment methods.  

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